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Our Story


I brainstorm and work on embroidery designs here in NYC, then send my ideas over to my mom, who then makes those ideas a reality with fabric and thread, with her team of wonderful women! All embroidery hoops and embroidered necklaces are handcrafted by me in NYC with wooden embroidery hoops and additional accents to create one of a kind pieces of art.

We work to empower disadvantaged women to provide for their families. Our goal is to help curb poverty in the Philippines by empowering women through meaningful, sustainable work. Additional profits are also used to provide school supplies and scholarships to needy children. 

According to the World Bank, resources in the hands of women boost household spending and benefits children. “…when a woman’s economic status improves so does that of her household, her community, and potentially, her country.”

All items are ready to ship, and shipped from NYC.